Powered Your System with BörüOS

Language Translations

Support us to present the Börü Project to the global environment. Make your name in the project by translating our translation drafts into your own language.


BörüOS is faster than any others. This optimization takes notice performance of the last user.


Security is our priority. The main goal of the BörüOS is that the user can use this system without worrying about operating system.


Open Sources

We are favour in the open sources. BörüOS is interested in developing. Operating system is completely free for personal using.

Development Libraries

You can also use the Börü Development Libraries in order to get information about the Börü Project, to access the source files and to be involved the development process of library of BörüOS.

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Application Store

Let us publish your magnificent application store in BörüOS Beta together! You can look into information document to get further information about BörüOS. Hereby, you may learn how to publish your application in an efficient way.

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Take a Role in BörüOS

You may have a look at available positions that you wish in Börü Team and apply directly.


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